Internet Explorer Market Share Below 50% For The First Time in 11 Years

Internet Explorer has been in a steady downward spiral for years now and Microsoft is just not able to stop the decline. According to recent statistics from StatCounter, Internet Explorer might have dipped below 50% market share for the first time in 11 years.

[image via firefox wallpapers]
Microsoft IE Market Share at a Historic Low
Microsoft spend millions on the Ad campaign promoting Internet Explorer 8(IE8) in the past few months and during the period, there was even a slight increase in IE market share. But it is now evident that the slight increase was solely because of the costly TV commercials and internet ad campaign that promoted IE8 as the safest browser out there.

According to StatCounter, IE’s market share is estimated to be less than 50% - at 49.87%. If this data is correct, then IE's market share presently is similar to what it had in the early 1997-1998 period. StatCounter adds that, in Europe, IE's market share is now at 40.26 %, down from 42.01% in August. On the other hand, Firefox is now at 38.97% in Europe and could be overtaking IE for the first time ever next month. In North America, IE’s share is estimated at 52.30%, down from 52.59%.

Though the statistical calculations done by different organizations do vary to certain degrees, all of them shows a general decline of IE market share. [via conceivablytech]