6 Awesome User Contributed Videos From Ubuntu Artwork "Maverick Movies" Website

A month ago, Mark Shuttleworth announced a dedicated page for user contributed videos covering various aspects of the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat". And similar to the user contributed Ubuntu Artwork wallpaper pool at Flickr, the movie section is also getting a lot of attention from the users. Here is a nice collection of videos from the original submissions.

Ubuntu Wallpaper
Ubuntu is...
This is the best among the lot IMO. Video is basically a quick preview of the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 release. Sorry about the annoying advert at the start of the video.

Ubuntu Multitouch Demo in Evince PDF Reader
A peek into the future. Must watch!

Multitouch Gesture Demo in Inkscape
Possibilities of Multitouch demonstrated again, this time in Inkscape. Background score deserves a special mention.

Compiz Atlantis Effect and a Quick Demo of new Sound Menu
This one is for Compiz lovers.

Ubuntu Unity
A quick look at the new Ubuntu Unity interface.

New Ubuntu 10.10 Installer
New Ubuntu installer is having a drastic makeover. More about the changes here.

Original motivation for the Maverick Movies page was one of the Ubuntu video that we showcased in our collection of Ubuntu Ads. Meanwhile, you may browse through the entire collection of user contributed videos via Maverick Movies website.