Two HTML5 Demos From Google You Should See

Last month, we introduced to you guys, 15 awesome HTML5 demos from around the web. Now we would like to showcase two more HTML5 demos, both of them from Google. Take a look.

  • Visit and enter something in the search field. You will be amazed to find out that Google logo is not an image at all.
  • Have you noticed the small array of dots on the right side. They are actually the "snake" game. Yes you can indeed play the game while watching the video. You can play the game by holding the left arrow key on your keyboard while a video is playing or paused.
Update: The YouTube "Snake" game is NOT HTML5, it doesn't even work in HTML5 version of YouTube. That was a nasty mistake from my part. I didn't double checked the claim when this was send to me by a reader. Sorry for the misunderstanding it might have caused.