Microsoft Patents Operating System Shutdown? WTF!

It is reported that Microsoft recently obtained patent for "Operating System Shutdown". In simpler words, Microsoft now holds the intellectual property rights for 'shutting down an operating system'.

Sounds crazy isn't it? But before criticizing Microsoft, think about the patent system that made this happen in the first place. Unbelievable. 

Abstract of the Patent
A user interface and scheme is provided for facilitating shutting down an operating system. Aspects include the operating system receiving a command to initiate shut down, and automatically terminating graphical user interface (GUI) applications that delay shut down which do not have top level windows. Also, aspects provide a user, through a graphical user interface, the ability to automatically terminate all running applications in response to determining that a running GUI application has a top level window.

If you could just browse through the other patents Microsoft holds, you could see more interesting stuff like a patent on "Method for displaying progress during operating system startup and shutdown" among others. Clear pointers towards the need for a complete patent system overhaul.