Dell's 7-inch Android Based Tablet Will be Released in The Next Few Weeks

Get ready for yet another Android based tablet. This one is from Dell. The first ever Android tablet was introduced by Samsung, like 2 weeks ago, and it is called Samsung Galaxy Tab. Galaxy Tab had impressive hardware specifications that rivals Apple's iPad and many even consider it as a better alternative. Dell's 7-inch Android tablet is the next in a long line of upcoming Android based hardware.

Android Powered Dell Tablet
According to WSJ, Dell Inc. will launch its seven-inch tablet in the next few weeks and a 10-inch tablet within 6-12 months, Dell Greater China President Amit Midha said Wednesday.

Mr. Midha confirmed that the seven-inch tablet will run Google Inc.'s Android smartphone operating system, but added that some of the new products will also run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, without naming specific products.
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