Android Notifier App Sends Notifications From Your Phone Right to Your Desktop

When you are at your computer and you don't want to get distracted by your mobile phone, Android Notifier app may the one your are looking for. The best thing about Android Notifier is that, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.

Android Notifier
Android Notifier app can send mobile notifications to your computer and can help you streamlining your workflow. According to the project homepage, the Android-Notifier mobile application is useful for people who wear noise-cancelling headphones, keep their cell phone in their bags or don't want to be interrupted to look at vibrating phone while in a meeting.

The mobile app sends notifications to the computer it's connected to, including things like new text messages (both SMS and MMS), the phone number of the incoming call, battery status notifications, new voicemails and more.

Android Notifier is a free download for Android phones and Macintosh computers. Windows and Linux users will need Android Notifier on their phone and Android-Notifier-Desktop on their computer. Detailed installation instructions can be found here at readwriteweb.
[screenshot via lifehacker]