7 Providers of Pre Installed Linux Laptops/PC's

Not many mainstream PC manufacturers have a Linux preinstalled version of their products. But some do have and the there are many other not-so-mainstream providers of Linux preinstalled laptops, netbooks and PC's. Here are a few of them you should know.

Dell is obviously the most famous among Laptops/PC manufacturers in Linux circles primarily because of its preinstalled Ubuntu offerings. Dell was in a lot of controversies recently when somebody reported that Dell has stopped selling preinstalled Ubuntu laptops, which was later proved wrong.

Dell Ubuntu

Dell is arguably the first among the 'really big' hardware manufacturers to find out the true potential of Linux and specifically Ubuntu. Between take a look at this Ad showcasing Ubuntu Powered Dell Notebooks.
You probably haven't heard about System76 before. They have quite a wide range of products all powered by Ubuntu Linux.


System76 have quite a large range of laptops and desktops powered by different versions of Ubuntu and there is even a 'why Linux' section in their website, which is not so common.
Emperor Linux
EmperorLinux provides Linux laptops with full hardware support under Linux. Unlike other providers like Dell, Emperor Linux has a wide range of products from low end netbooks to laptops with high end configuration.

emperor linux
Linux Certified
According to LinuxCertified, the mission of the company is to bring cost-savings of Linux and Open-Source Software to IT infrastructure of today's organizations.

Linux Certified
LinPC was formed as a way to offer PCLinuxOS preinstalled on custom built systems. They ship systems with PCLinuxOS preinstalled. Currently no other Linux distributions are under consideration, according to LinPC.

Think Penguin
"ThinkPenguin was founded in 2009 to bring choice to consumers, and introduce the masses to the concept of free and open source software. Freeing users from anti-competitive vendors and lock-ins ThinkPenguin provides users a single go-to source for well supported free and open source solutions."

Think Penguin

Zareason is another important provider of preinstalled Linux products and their product range is arguably the widest. They have everything from Linux laptops to Linux T-Shirts. Choice of distros include Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Debian, Fedora among others.

Update: As per the feedback by our readers, you should consider the following vendors also for linux pre-installed laptops and PC's.
  • Eight Virtues - A lot of choice for people looking for Linux pre-installed laptops.
  • Frostbite Systems - "Meet the specific open source needs of individuals, while helping to train or introduce people to the superior Linux operating systems."
  • Linux Emporium - A UK based source for Linux pre-installed laptops and desktops.
PS: The availability of linux preinstalled hardware from firms listed above may vary depending on the place you live. If I missed out on any major providers of Linux pre installed laptops and PC's, please do share in the comments below.