4 Beautiful Firefox Ads You Would Love to Watch

Brand new Firefox 4.0 is on its final descent. Be it the introduction of awesome TabCandy feature or the new super fast "JaegerMonkey" JavaScript engine, Firefox 4.0 is all over the news for all the right reasons. I think this is the best time to introduce some cool Firefox commercials/videos. Take a look.

Rediscover the web
"If you are thinking about the ways the web could improve your life, we are thinking about the ways to improve the web". Firefox FTW

Light the world with Firefox
This is my all time favorite Firefox video. This was released on Firefox's 5th birthday. It is more like a quick walkthrough of the web during the years. I loved its sound score. Must watch.

Firefox is hot
Community contributed Firefox commercial, really good.

Firefox is for all
Another good community contributed ad worth mentioning.

You can find plenty of such videos at Firefox Flicks. Enjoy.

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