12 Useful GIMP Video Tutorials For Absolute Beginners

We already introduced a beautiful collection of GIMP tutorials before, it's time for some more. But this time, they are a bunch of GIMP video tutorials and are solely meant for absolute beginners, those who only have the vaguest idea on what GIMP is and what it is capable of.

GIMP Tutorials
Gimp Basics

Familiarizing With The GIMP Interface

How to Re-Size an Image

Red Eye Removal

Using Layer Mask

Making a Simple Banner

How to Use Align Tool

How to Use Rectangle Tool

How to Make a Gradient in GIMP

Usage of GIMP Text Tool

How to Use GIMP Layers - The Basics

Color and Fuzzy Effects Tool

If you are a GIMP beginner and if this collection is not enough for you, check out this awesome collection of GIMP beginner tutorials compiled by ijaar blog. Meanwhile, we had also featured a beautiful collection of wallpapers made using Inkscape open source vector graphics editor sometime ago. You may want to check them out too.