Radio Tray - Simple Online Radio Streaming Player That Runs in Linux System Tray

Radio Tray is the probably the simplest of radio streaming application I have ever seen. It is so minimal that it occupies only a tiny little space in your system tray.

About Radio Tray
Radio Tray is an online radio streaming player that runs on a Linux system tray. Its goal is to have the minimum interface possible, making it very straightforward to use. Radio Tray is NOT a full featured music player, there are plenty of excellent music players already.

However, there was a need for a simple application with minimal interface just to listen to online radios. And that's the sole purpose of Radio Tray. Radio Tray is Free Software, licensed under the GPL.

Radio Tray, though minimal in its looks, have all the basic functionalities you need. Radio Tray configuration menu looks something like this.

"Everything you need, nothing you don't." May be Radio Tray icon should look a bit different, I think. The present icon is oddly similar to my WiFi icon in system tray.

Download Radio Tray
  • Visit Radio Tray download page. For Ubuntu and other debian based distros, there is a DEB package available. Download it and simply double-click to install Radio Tray.
  • Now to launch Radio Tray, goto Applications - Sound & Video - Radio Tray. Done. Hopefully you guys will have some fun with Radio Tray.