My Favorite 10 xkcd Comics Part-1

Xkcd needs no introduction especially if you are a geek(whatever that means). It's among my favorite pastime along with those super silly games we introduced to you before. To find the best out of xkcd is hard work, I mean, they are all damn good. I started searching for top 10 xkcd comics and eventually ended up with nearly 20 of them. So I will name this as Part-1 and Part-2 is on its way. Part-2 is here.

Duty Calls
Book Burning
Compiler Complaint
Getting Out Of Hand
My Code's Compiling
Fixed Width
Angular Momentum
Ballmer Peak
Hope you liked them. Original links to these xkcd comics are given below each one of those comics. And don't forget to share your favorite xkcd comics below. Meanwhile we will update you with the part 2 soon. Part-2 of my favorite 10 xkcd comics are here.