LinApp - Most Comprehensive Collection of Commercial Linux Applications I Have Ever Seen

After browsing through LinApp website for sometime, I was awed by the sheer number of commercial applications available for Linux. Never in my wildest of imaginations did I thought that, this many number of commercial applications ever existed for Linux. And I think thats exactly the point. Thats why LinApp is here.

A few things about LinApp worth mentioning
LinApp is not just a vast collection of commercial Linux applications but also a well managed one. There is a search box available at the top, a category section and also a healthy collection of tags which makes browsing through the website a breeze.

With Ubuntu 10.10 in the process of bringing a number of changes into Ubuntu Software Center including a proposal to provide support for commercial Linux applications, the significance of LinApp becomes even more important. The way they organize and manage their mammoth list of commercial Linux applications is something to be looked at for inspiration.

LinApp according to those behind it
The Web Site is a free, categorized and tagged on-line information service of various commercial applications and games for Linux.

We are aiming to connect the potential users and manufacturers in a clear and an easy way by collecting, categorizing, tagging, listing and describing a wide range of commercial applications and games for Linux, in one place.

The way each content is displayed is another highlight

Take the case of commercial games available for Linux. Above, I chose games category and selected Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The page contains a trailer at the top, price and the licences associated with the game on the top right and a short description of the game below. It does even have some screenshots at the bottom. If you want to sell something, this is the way you should present the product to your potential customers.

Overall I felt immense satisfaction with the work they have done and I hope LinApp become what it hopes to be, a one stop shop for all commercial Linux applications.
[via omgubuntu]