"Amnesia", "And Yet It Moves" - Two Incredible Games Which Now Has a Linux Version Too

For serious gamer folks in Linux, there is more good news. "Amnesia", which many reviewed  as one that is going to be among the scariest game ever and "And Yet It Moves", a physics-based platform game, are going to have native Linux clients. Meanwhile, you may also want to check our listing of games for non-gamers in Linux.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Whenever you start looking out for games with some serious graphics and above average gameplay in Linux, chances are that, you will end up with yet another FPS(Frist Person Shooter) game. But there is good news. Amnesia is different. Watch this trailer.

"Amnesia: The Dark Descent" is an adventure horror game that will have a Linux-native client and has been in development by Frictional Games. The game will be released in the first few weeks of Sept 2010. More details at Phoronix.

And Yet It Moves
Another genre-of-a-different-kind game which now has a native Linux client. According to the developer, "And Yet It Moves is an an award winning physics-based platform game where you run and jump through a world made of paper. To aid in solving the twisted mind-bending levels, you possess the unique ability to rotate the world at will! Walls become floors, slides become platforms – but a harmless pile of rocks becomes a hazardous danger when turned upside down."

You can download the demo version of this game for free[link] and if you like it, you can instead opt for the full version of the game at a price of $9.99 USD[link]. [Via Phoronix]