4 Awesome RedHat Commercials You Need to See

I was vaguely browsing through different Linux related videos in YouTube when I found out these incredible RedHat commercials. They are not just hard core RedHat commercials, they are more like advertisements for Free Software and Open Source in general. More over, these videos gives a glimpse of the kind of knowledge and expertise RedHat have on everything Linux and Open Source.

RedHat Commercial
This is my favorite among the lot. It talks about the growth trajectory of Open Source movement in general which started off from utter contempt from everyone around to its gradual acceptance everywhere. Inspirational stuff. Watch it.

Open Source = Choice
As I said before, this is more like an advertisement/promotional video about Open Source and Free Software by Red Hat. More subtle.

The Red Hat Way
"Your mother was right, it's better to share". Just wow!

The Inevitable Linux Dominance 
"There is no good in arguing with the inevitable". A quick look at the evolution of Linux and Open Source through the years.

  • Hope you liked them. If you have other interesting Linux related videos, let us know.