15 HTML5 Demos Showcasing Prowess of HTML5 Over Adobe Flash

HTML is basically a standard for structuring and presenting content in the internet and HTML5 is the newest incarnation of HTML. HTML5 is supposed to have features like video playback which currently depends upon third-party(and proprietary) browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash. And please do keep in mind that, HTML5 itself is still a work in progress and hence these 15 demos are far from perfect. But they are all you need to get inspired and start learning more about HTML5(I hope).

HTML5 Demo

  • The most incredible HTML5 demo is the one which showcases HTML5 itself. It is more like an introduction to HTML5 and its possibilities. HTML5 Demo.
Awesome Ball Pool

SublimeVideo HTML5 Video Player

  • Absolutely cute interactive animation. Blobsallad.
Some Interactive Photo Manipulation


  • Exceptional JavaScript HTML5 combination and a shameless attempt at brand advertisement ;). Fireworks

  • Guess this one is really popular, they have even put a adsense advertisement below the animation. Kaleidoscope
Drag Anything

Even More Particles in Motion

  • More particles, but this time with patterns you can input. HTML5 Canvas.
Blow-up Video Effect

Cloth Animation 3D

Google Search Box 3D


  • Social media weather forecasting or whatever you call it, is truly one of its kind. Creating a weather pattern from tweets by people all over the country. It is quite heavy and may take time to load. SmallTalk

  • Hope you get the picture from the screenshot. Its an HTML5 based game. Breakout.
Catch the Square

  • Get to the square before the dots catch you. Quite addictive HTML5 based game. Catch the Square.
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