Visual Effects For Project London Made With Blender!

Project London movie is the triumph of community spirit, togetherness or whatever you call it over money. A team of online volunteers using free software, created the movie, Project London, with as many as 650 VFX shots! Isn't that awesome?

Project London Movie - The Background
Project London is an independent, no-budget, feature-length, live action movie with vivid, intense, and marrow-vibrating visual effects and animations created with the open source software Blender (and other traditional software) and 250 (or so) worldwide volunteers.

Despite featuring the same volume of digital effects work as its mainstream counterparts, the upcoming sci-fi thriller was post-produced by a small team of volunteers working remotely via the internet.

Even more surprisingly, the effects were created not in industry-standard tools such as Autodesk Maya or Softimage, but Blender: an open-source 3D animation package. Movie director and VFX supervisor Ian Hubert says, tapping into Blender’s large online community of volunteer artists had huge benefits for the movie. Read the full interview of Ian Hubert at Jasontv. It's good to see that, our beloved open source Blender is slowly gaining momentum. Watch the trailer.

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