Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme - Among The Most Easy to Install Conky Theme in Ubuntu

Conky is an extremely lightweight system monitor application for Linux. Conky can be extensively modified and we have already featured some of the best Conky customizations in our previous post showcasing awesome Linux desktop customizations.

Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme

Conky themes are stunning, but never easy to install and configure
I have been playing with Conky system monitor app for sometime now. And I have to say, there is a number of really amazing, jaw dropping Conky themes out there. But installing and configuring Conky themes were never easy. But the Conky Ubuntu Lucid theme I am featuring here is among the best I have ever seen before. It blends so beautifully with Ubuntu Lucid desktop and more than anything, conky ubuntu lucid theme actually works.

Install Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme in Ubuntu 10.04
  • Install Conky first of all.
sudo apt-get install conky
  • Downloaded conky theme will be a tar.gz file.
  • Before extracting, press CTRL + H to show hidden files. And then extract the downloaded conky theme(Right Click - Extract Here). 
  • You will see a .conkytheme folder now. Simply copy-paste .conkytheme folder to your Home folder(/home/USERNAME). Thats it.
  • Now start Conky. Hit ALT + F2 and run the following command(Remember to change the YOURUSERNAME part in the below command).
conky -c /home/YOURUSERNAME/.conkytheme/conkyrc
  • Done. Look at your desktop. :-)
What if, you want to start Conky at login?
  • Goto System - Preferences - Startup Applications and click ADD. 
  • And copy-paste the above command like in the screenshot. Thats it. Now enjoy the new Conky experience. In the meantime we will bring to you more 'working' Conky themes. So watch this space.
PS: Only widescreen version of Conky Lucid Theme is available now. Theme originally created by Veoduendes and translated to English by Stevepearce.

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