KidZui Internet For Kids Firefox Extension Works Like a Charm in Linux

KidZui turns Firefox into fun, kid-safe browser and online playground for kids in the age group 3-12, with over a million kids games, YouTube videos, and websites. Or in other words, KidZui Firefox extension turns Firefox into a place where your kids would love to be. With Internet becoming such a useful tool for people of all ages, it is unfair to block Internet access to your toddlers and KidZui is exactly what you want to ensure safety of your kids from the hidden dangers of the Internet.

Quick Review of KidZui Internet For Kids Firefox Extension
  • KidZui is a Firefox add-on that with one click turns Firefox into a kid-safe environment with over a million kid-friendly websites, games, pictures, and YouTube videos.
  • Parents and teachers review content for KidZui so your kids can surf independently.
  • The KidZui browser uses a Zooming User Interface paradigm to make browsing easier for children. 
  • Search results appear as scaled down images of websites, videos, and pictures that children click on to zoom in and see content.
  • Children build avatars called Zuis to represent themselves online. Children can share KidZui content with friends online. To add a friend online, children need to know the friends Zui name. There is no online directory of Zui names, so children need to get their friends Zui names offline in order to add them. 
  • Friends also need to be approved by parents before they become available in the browser. KidZui also tracks children’s Internet usage and sends reports to their parents on what their children looked at online.
KidZui Screenshot Tour

Download KidZui Internet For Kids Extension For Firefox
  • Restart Firefox and then KidZui website will take you through the steps required. We wish a safe and fun filled browsing experience for both you and your kid.