Install Google Earth in Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx"

You don't need any introduction on what Google Earth is. Google Earth is available with Medibuntu repositories, but the packages available in the Medibuntu repo are mostly outdated. So here we are going to install Google Earth in Ubuntu in a different way.
Update: Fix Google Earth Crash While Startup in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid

How to Install Google Earth 5.1 in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid?
  • First of all, you need to install the googleearth-package from ubuntu repositories.
sudo apt-get install googleearth-package
  • Done. Now use the just downloaded script to build the Google Earth package.  
sudo make-googleearth-package --force
  • This is going to take some time. And it should end with the following message. Look at the highlighted part in the screenshot below.
  • Google earth package is successfully build and it is available in ./ directory(as shown in the screenshot above). Now to install Google Earth, simply copy-paste the following command in Terminal.
sudo dpkg -i ./googleearth_5.1.3535.3218+0.5.7-1_i386.deb
  • Done. Please note that everything after " ./ " in the above command may change depending on the version of Google Earth you built using googleearth-package. So if the above command doesn't work, simply copy-paste the .deb package generated instead of what I have got here. So in generalizing the above command, it should look like this.
sudo dpkg -i ./googleearth_VERSION_ARCHITECHTURE.deb
  • Done. Goto Applications - Internet - Google Earth and browse the earth. Have fun. :-)
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