'Linux is Not User Friendly' - No Way!

In our previous post, we discussed how mainstream media is adopting linux('Stop using Windows, Use Ubuntu instead'). And a lot of people started complaining how not-user-friendly Linux really is. Before saying such far fetched statements, one thing they all need to consider is this, Linux!=Windows!

linux is not windows
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  • It is not the friendliness factor, it is the user familiarity factor that is giving a lot of bad name for Linux. Most of the Linux users are those migrating from Microsoft Windows and it requires a certain amount of time to get familiar with the new OS. 
  • I have my own experience to substantiate this statement. I was not much of a computer user at all till I bought my laptop 4 years ago. I installed Ubuntu as dual boot with Windows XP. I instantly started liking Ubuntu, it was fun to use and all the compiz eyecandy was just overwhelming. To that day, I considered linux as an outcast or never really though about it at all.
  • But even a guy like me with minimal Windows experience took 2-3 months to get fully familiar with Ubuntu. But once I got familiar, their was no looking back. To this day, there was not even a single instance where I had to go back to the Windows era. 
  • That is probably the issue. Most of them are so too familiar with Windows and so are they, in a way, expecting everything in Linux to be just as like in Windows. That has to change.
  • Another good example of this 'familiarity factor' is the IT@School project introduced in Kerala, India in 2002. Kerala government completely shut down windows, and made schools to use only Linux. Students or parents didn't protest, they just went on with it. And now Kerala is among the states having the highest e-literacy rate.
  • Here is another guy proudly proclaiming Ubuntu is NOT user friendly and that he is going 'back' to Windows. He never 'came' to Ubuntu to go 'back' to Windows.
  • All I have to say to those who say Ubuntu is tough to use is, spend some more time on it before quitting. It is worth it. I can't even think about using Windows now, partially because I am all too familiar with Ubuntu and Linux. So please do bear that in mind always. 
  • Share with us your experience with Linux.