Google Chrome Automatically Installs Google Repository in Ubuntu

This is something I have never heard of. I was trying to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu and in the download page a small note came into my notice. It goes something like this "Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Google Chrome up to date".

  • I was rather intrigued. No need to add repository separately to get the latest updates? I always used Chromium Web Browser, a Google Chrome derivative, and this was actually the first time I was installing Google Chrome itself. So I am not sure if this hack had already existed before.
  • After installing Google Chrome from deb in Ubuntu, I went on to check my sources.list and this was what I found. 
  • I was thinking, why don't Firefox or even Chromium do something like this. It is rather useful from a newbie point of view. I guess everyone here who have been using Ubuntu for sometime knows how hard it is to install latest updates of Firefox or as a matter of fact any other application in Ubuntu. What do you think?  How about other applications also following the Google Chrome way? Send in your suggestions.
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