Want Amarok 1.4 Back in Ubuntu? Here is how![Lucid,Karmic,Jaunty]

Amarok was my favorite among Linux media players, until Amarok 2.0 series started coming in. I totally understand that Amarok 2.0 series is a complete rewrite and I really appreciate the effort they have put on upgrading Amarok. But the bottom line is, Amarok 2.0 series is not yet there. And so I settled down with Songbird and I loved it. But had to remove Songbird for reasons you must have already been all too familiar with.

amarok 1.4
  • IMHO Amarok developers should concentrate on bringing back all the features it had with Amarok 1.4 series before adding any more new features.
  • Amarok 1.4 series was just perfect. And I wanted it back so badly. And when I finally managed to install Amarok 1.4 in my Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 desktop, I was so damn happy. Here is what you need to do to get the old Amarok 1.4 installed in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic, Jaunty.
Remove any instances of Amarok 2.0 series
  • Before getting started with Amarok 1.4 installation, you need to uninstall all instances of Amarok 2.0 series. 
  • Open Terminal(Applications - Accessories - Terminal) and Copy-paste the following line. 
sudo apt-get autoremove amarok*
  • Done. 
  • Now, The Amarok 1.4 Installation.
For Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid Users
  • To install Amarok 1.4, you need to add bogdanb/amarok14 PPA.
  • To add bogdanb/amarok14 Repo, simply copy-paste the following line into Terminal.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bogdanb/amarok14
  • Done. Now update sources.list and install Amarok 1.4. For that, all you need to do is, copy-paste the following line into Terminal.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install amarok14
  • Done. Goto Applications - Sound & Video - Amarok and enjoy the old but still so good Amarok 1.4 experience.
For Ubuntu Jaunty Users
  • It's a little more complicated for Ubuntu Jaunty users since the apt-add-repository command won't work in Ubuntu Jaunty.
  • Goto System - Administration - Software Sources and select Third-Party-Software tab. Now, click the Add button. Now, copy-paste the following line.
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bogdanb/amarok14/ubuntu jaunty main 
  • Save and exit and Click Reload when prompted.
  • Done. Now the installation part.
  • Again, simply copy-paste the following lines to Terminal. 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install amarok14
  • Done. Goto Applications - Sound & Video - Amarok and have fun!
  • Note:- I have tried this on Ubuntu Karmic only and even though I was able to install and use Amarok 1.4 almost perfectly, you may find issues especially since everything about Amarok 1.4 is really old. So do this at your own risk.  
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