Install OpenShot 1.1 Video Editor in Ubuntu[Lucid,Karmic,Jaunty]

OpenShot video editor has steadily improved since its official release 2 months ago. OpenShot 1.1 even got included into upcoming Ubuntu Lucid 10.04. That news itself speaks volumes about quality and functionality of this budding new video editing app for Linux.
Update : OpenShot Video Editor introduces 3D Animated Title effect[Video]

New Features
  • Over 1300% faster rendering previews after an edit. 1000% faster launching OpenShot! Now that is some really serious improvement.
  • Lifesaving undo/redo buttons.
  • Multiple copies of effects can be added to clips.
  • Dynamic tiling of overlapping clips (Brady Bunch style). This can take an unlimited number of clips (that are all on separate tracks playing at the same time), and tile them across the screen. 
  • New effects included: Contrast, Edge Glow, Saturation, and Cartoon.
  • Fade in / out menu has been added and also included Edit titles functionality.
How to install latest OpenShot Video Editor in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic?
  • Lucid and Karmic users,  Add the Openshot PPA and GPG key through one single step.  
  • Goto Terminal and copy-paste the following line. (Give password when prompted)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonoomph/openshot-edge
  • Now go ahead and install the latest OpenShot 1.1 in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic.
  • Again, simply copy paste the following lines to Terminal.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openshot openshot-doc
  • Thats it.
  • Goto Applications - Sound & Video - OpenShot Video Editor
How to Install Latest OpenShot Video Editor in Ubuntu Jaunty, Intrepid?
  • Unfortunately there is no PPA available for Ubuntu Jaunty and lesser. You will have to manually download and install the .deb package as well as the dependencies.
  • Other Ubuntu users, check this link.
  • You may also want to further explore the openshot download page.
And a Video Preview..
  • Yet again, there is this nice video showcasing the new features of OpenShot 1.1, so that users could get a quick overview. 

OpenShot 1.1.0 Released! from Jonathan Thomas on Vimeo.

Update: As some of the readers have pointed out here, even though the installation of the OpenShot 1.1 Video Editor will go without any hitches, there is indeed problems in launching the application. And at this point of time, I am unable to give you a real solution for it and I am still searching. Will let you know as soon as I can.