Brand Ubuntu is Warming Up For a Complete Makeover!

This is as big as it can get. Six years have been passed since the inception of the movement called Ubuntu. And for the first time, Ubuntu is going to have a complete image makeover. Which means, new themes, new color schemes and even a set of completely overhauled logos. And all these changes will be included in the next major Ubuntu release codenamed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx or Ubuntu 10.04.

  • "The new style of Ubuntu is driven by the theme "Light". We've developed a comprehensive set of visual guidelines and treatments that reflect that style, and are updating key assets like the logo accordingly. The new theme takes effect in 10.04 LTS and will define our look and feel for several years." 
  • Ok, enough talking. Let's take a peek into the changes.
New Logos

New Community Logos

New GTK Themes

Beautiful Boot Splash Screen

Proposed Ubuntu CD Cover

New Website Themes