Stunning Wallpaper Clocks For Ubuntu - Installation Simplified

So for those who are wondering what these wallpaper clocks are all about, wallpaper clocks are wallpapers that show live date and time. And there are a number of good source for wallpaper clocks. But we will get to that later. First the basics. Read on.

Install Screenlets in Ubuntu First
  • Simply copy-paste the following line into Terminal. 
sudo apt-get install screenlets
  • Done.
Download Wallpaper Clocks
  • Some of my most favorite wallpaper clocks. Open these images in a new tab. (Right Click > Open Link in a new tab)

  • Download the ones you want. Downloaded wallpaper clocks will be in filename.wcz format.
Now launch Wallpaper Clock Screenlet from Screenlets Manager
  • Goto Applications > Accessories > Screenlets. Following window will pop up.
  • Now, as shown in the screenshot above, select the Wallpaper Clock screenlet and click on the Launch/Add button on the left side bar. 
  • A small Wallpaper clock icon will be pop up in your Desktop. Right Click on the Wallpaper Clock icon in the Desktop.
  • Again, as shown in the screenshot above, click Install Wallpaper Clock and browse to the just downloaded wallpaper clocks. Thats it. Wallpaper clock you have selected is installed.
  • Now to launch the wallpaper clock, right click on the wallpaper clock icon in your desktop and select change wallpaper clock and browse on to the installed wallpaper clocks.
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