Boxee Beta Newer Version Released

Boxee has always surprised everyone with its lightning fast and unique interface. Boxee is like the Google Chrome of Multimedia apps. It is truly a revolutionary application. Only a month has been passed since the official release of Boxee Beta and you have a newer version of Boxee Beta up for grabs.

Feature List
  • Boxee Beta has no new feature additions as such and is solely focused on bug fixes. Here are some of them.
  • Multilingual keyboard support: under settings-appearance-region to add keyboards.
  • Significantly improved video quality of our DXVA support.
  • Improved file scanning performance.
  • Fixes to iPhone remote keyboard under Linux.
  • Fill list of changes here.
  • 150,000 new users joined boxee after the release of Boxee Beta.
  • 3 Million(!!) Boxee Apps launched.
  • 1.5 million TV episodes and Movies were watched.
  • Not familiar with Boxee? Watch this.

Download Boxee Beta
  • You may need to sign up first to download.
  • In Ubuntu, download the deb package and all it needs is a double-click.