Install Banshee Latest Version in Ubuntu Karmic

Banshee is a popular music management tool for Linux. The default version of Banshee in Ubuntu Karmic is Banshee 1.5.1. Banshee has already reached version Banshee 1.5.2. This is what you need to do to get the latest version of banshee in Ubuntu.

Add GPG Key First
  • Open Terminal and copy-paste the following command in terminal(Give password when prompted to).
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 6E80C6B7
  • Done.
Now Add PPA Repo for Banshee
  • Open sources.list file in gedit text editor. Simply copy paste the command in Terminal.
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
  • Done. Now into the text editor you just opened, you need to add the PPA Repo for Banshee(preferably to the last line). 
  • Simply copy-paste the following line into sources.list file you just opened depending on the version of ubuntu you use.
For Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic
deb karmic main

For Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty
deb jaunty main

For Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid
deb intrepid main

For Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy
deb hardy main
  • Done. Save and Close the text editor.
Now Install Latest Banshee
  • Goto Terminal and copy-paste the following command.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install banshee
  • Done. Thats it :-)
Already a Banshee user?
  • If you are already a Banshee user, upgrade to the latest Banshee version here.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Have fun :-)