20 Creative and Funny Google Doodles(Logos) Ever

Google has always been different and Google Logos or Doodles, as it is popularly known, is no different. It is fun, intriguing and down to earth simple. Best example is the doodle google produced today in remembrance of Sir Issac Newton. Here is a collection of 25 of the best google doodles ever.

Alexander Graham Bell

Mother's Day 2008

Leap Year 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

25 years of TCP/IP 2008

Charles Darwin 2009


Water Day 2005


2004 US Elections

Summer Olympics 2004 Gymnastics

Summer Olympics 2004 Hurdles

Summer Olympics 2004 Table Tennis

Summer Olympics 2004 Tennis

Summer Olympics 2004 Soccer



Alien Abduction

Earth Day

First Flight