firefox os

Low cost smartphones are the new rage. Unsurprisingly, Android leads this entirely new smartphone segment as well. And in the current context, the only player that could give Android any real competition in this segment is Firefox OS. Like Android, Firefox OS developed by Mozilla is free, open source and is based on Linux.
synergy keyboard and mouse sharing for ubuntu 14.04

Synergy is a cross-platform and open source tool for sharing one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers seamlessly. Though the real use of this technology must be for enterprise users, individual users can have a lot of fun with this powerful tool as well.

Ubuntu 14.10 release schedule

Well, that was fast. The next Ubuntu 14.10 codenamed "Utopic Unicorn" will be releasing on October 23rd, 2014. The entire release schedule has also been announced.

meizu mx3 ubuntu phone

Meizu is all set to unveil its flagship Ubuntu Touch powered smartphone at Mobile Asia Expo 2014 to be held at Shanghai, China.

This is not much of a surprise since it is a well-know fact that Google uses Ubuntu (albeit with modifications) in their campuses. Not only that, it was confirmed by Canonical themselves last year that Google is a paying customer of Ubuntu Advantage program.