Android OS is a free and open source piece of software, just like an Ubuntu or a Fedora, no questions about that. But is it devoid of proprietary software entirely? No. Though the OS itself is completely open source, there are always components like drivers and such, which in many of the cases, will be closed source. Not really satisfactory for someone who want a pure open source experience on their mobile. That's where Replicant Project comes in. Replicant is a project aiming to provide a fully free Android distribution running on multiple devices. Ideologically speaking, Replicant OS is very similar to FSF's own GNU Hurd OS.

replicant - fully free android distro by fsf
Wondering what MKBHD is all about? They are kind of a YouTube sensation for everything tech related. I was in the process of preparing an "Ubuntu Edge explained" post and then I saw this MKBHD video detailing Ubuntu Edge. And I thought, this is as good as it gets. So here it is, "Ubuntu Edge Explained by MKBHD."
With the kind of customizability Android is capable of, things can get a little overwhelming for an average user who has just bought his first smartphone. There are plenty of app replacements for each and every action. Take launchers for example. From lightweight to the extremely flamboyant kind, there are all sorts of launchers for Android. Now, let's talk about something more basic, the keyboard app for Android. Keyboard layout vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Many consider Samsung's version (seen in latest TouchWiz) as the best default choice. But when there are plenty of incredibly good alternatives out there, why settle for the average? 10 most highly regarded keyboard apps for Android you should know of.

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android
Ubuntu Edge campaign smashed a number of records on the first day itself. Many of its "perks" were instantly sold out and now, the total amount raised stands at a staggering 4.5 Million USD! Canonical team has now replaced sold out perks with new ones with the cheapest one selling at a lowly (when you consider the specs ie.) 625 USD!

 Get Ubuntu Edge at 625 USD
So Ubuntu Edge it is. That's what the countdown on Ubuntu home page just a week ago was all about. Ubuntu Edge is Canonical's own superphone, with the kind of specs that can make any tech enthusiast drool. But Canonical is approaching this differently. Ubuntu Edge will be produced in limited numbers only and the entire process will be made viable through crowdfunding. And not just any crowdfunding, the biggest of its kind ever seen!

Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo
After the release of blockbusters such as Half Life 2, Portal and Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam, now it's  the turn of popular online multiplayer, Dota 2. For many ardent Linux fans, Dota 2 was the last thing they needed to finally delete the Windows partition and switch completely to Linux. Undoubtedly, 2013 is the most happening year as far as gaming on Linux is concerned. 

Dota 2 for Linux Released

Lead developer and primary contributor to YUM (a package-management utility for RPM based Linux OSes such as Red Hat), Seth Vidal, has been tragically killed in an accident in Durham, North Carolina. He was hit by a car from behind while travelling northbound in the 1700 block of Hillandale Road in his bike, investigators said. The accident apparently occurred after dark, when a driver swerved off the road to avoid traffic and ran into Seth’s bike from behind. Seth was pronounced dead after being transported to Duke University Hospital. Seth Vidal worked for Red Hat and was a Fedora Project board member.