We have featured a few Terminal emulators before and introduced you to applications like CLI Companion that makes you more familiar with command line in Linux. Now, we want to take it to a whole new level. A collection of really good Terminal emulator apps for Linux.

top terminal emulators linux
We have featured a number of really good Ubuntu Unity concepts before, here is another one which supposedly deals with the trash button in Unity more efficiently.

Ubuntu Unity Desktop Concept
If your Intel WiFi 5100 series WiFi driver broke down after latest update in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS desktop, understand that you are not the only one here with the same problem. A good friend of mine had the exact same issue. This is what you need to do to solve 'WiFi driver breaks after update' issue in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Fix for WiFi Driver Breaks After Update in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Dropbox is probably the most popular online file storage and synchronization tool among Linux users. And as we have seen earlier, it is rather easy to install Dropbox in Ubuntu. But as a Linux user, what really are the alternatives to Dropbox for online file storage? Lets find out.

sparkleshare dropbox alternative
Firefox 5.0 was released few days ago. But this time, its going to be a different experience for Ubuntu users. You don't need to add any additional third party repositories to get the latest Firefox update, its already available in your default Ubuntu 11.04 repositories. 

Firefox 5.0 Update Arrives in Official Ubuntu Repositories
Back in 2010 itself, it was rumored that Nokia N9 could just be the first ever MeeGo powered smartphone. Well, that just happened. But things are not half as exciting as it used be for MeeGo because of the Nokia-Microsoft deal that happened earlier in the year which practically killed MeeGo project. Though, all is not lost for MeeGo especially after the decision by Intel to go ahead with MeeGo platform without Nokia.

First Ever MeeGo Powered Nokia N9
Unity Grab Handles are a fun and aesthetically beautiful way to resize windows in new Ubuntu Unity. Even though they are not enabled by default in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, you can easily turn Unity Grab Handles on by following a few easy steps.

Enable Unity Grab Handles in Ubuntu 11.04
Before getting too excited, Ultimate Privacy App is just a name and not an expression. Moving on, privacy is something we can't just take for granted anymore. Smartphone these days is accessed by family, friends and colleagues for anything and everything. Ultimate Privacy App can be a good tool to save you from unnecessary embarrassments.

Ultimate Privacy App
Ad Bard was a breath of fresh air in the already crowded advertising networks arena lead by behemoths like Google Adsense. In 2009 when Ad Bard network first came into existence, FSF proudly proclaimed, "The Free Software Community now has an ethical alternative to ad networks that promote proprietary software." Ad Bard was a truly promising venture. But it's all going to end in another month or so. Ad Bard is finally shutting down.

Ad Bard is Shutting Down
Google is activating some 400,000 new Android devices every single day now(source) and Android is already the fastest growing and most popular smartphone OS in many parts of the world. In tune with its rising popularity, Android's applications base is also showing stupendous growth. We have already featured a bunch of must have open source Android applications and now here is a collection of Android apps dedicated to travelers among you.

Google Goggles Android App for Travelers
TermKit by Steven Wittens is a refreshingly beautiful graphic replacement for terminal. If you are wondering, TermKit is not a flashy GUI for Terminal, instead its very much a command line based system made on top of WebKit, the rendering engine used in web browsers like Google Chrome and Chromium. TermKit has been originally designed for Mac OSX, but there is a TermKit fork by Floby which you can install and experience in Ubuntu right now! Read on.

Install TermKit in Ubuntu 11.04 Easily
I have been a Compiz fan ever since I started using Linux. Compiz is also a very integral part of Ubuntu, more so with the introduction of new Unity desktop for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. There are many Compiz effects that are not enabled by default and some of them are really good IMO. Useful Compiz tweaks for Ubuntu 11.04. Note: Post not meant for advanced users.

Compiz Tweaks for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
I want my desktop to be clean and simple, I don't like it look cluttered, especially since I have Unity launcher at my disposal with easy access to favorite applications and 'places'. In Ubuntu, when you mount a drive, it will be shown in your desktop by default. I don't like it that way and this is how I hide mounted drives and removable media from showing in my desktop.

How to Hide Mounted Drives from Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop?
Recently, I had to install Ubuntu 11.04 in a Core 2 Duo Lenovo laptop with Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset. I had previously installed Ubuntu 10.10 in it and it worked flawlessly. But that was not the case when I installed the latest Ubuntu. Though installation went smooth, Ubuntu 11.04 just won't boot after restart and instead a blank screen appears with a blinking cursor. After some amount of browsing, I think I have just found out how to fix the blank screen issue. 

Howto Fix Ubuntu 11.04 Won't Boot/blank screen after restart Problem[Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset]
We have already discussed in length about Lenses, one of the key new feature brought about by Ubuntu's new Unity desktop. Lenses for 'Applications' and 'Files & Folders' are default in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal and then there are these awesome, still-in-development Lenses that you can install and experiment right now. Now, how do you actually remove the Lenses you don't want from Unity Launcher? Here is what you need to do. 

How to remove or delete Lenses from Unity Launcher
Gnac is a very easy to use audio conversion application for Ubuntu/GNOME desktop. Gnac provides easy audio files conversion between all GStreamer supported audio formats. Gnac Ubuntu PPA is available which makes its installation in Ubuntu a breeze.

Gnac Audio Conversion App Ubuntu PPA
Ubuntu 11.04 Unity brought in many important UI improvements and Ubuntu Lens has been one of the highlights. Finding and launching applications and files in Ubuntu have never been easier. But Unity Lens concept is not confined to just applications and files search, it is much bigger than that. A slew of really cool Lenses are in development and some of them are even available for installation already. Interesting list of Unity Lenses you can install right now.

Gwibber Lens for Unity

Gwibber Lens for Unity
Gmediafinder is a GTK application that lets you search, view and download videos from sites like YouTube. Gmediafinder is a very good alternative to Minitube in Ubuntu. Gmediafinder PPA for Ubuntu is also available which makes its installation even easier.

Gmediafinder - Download YouTube videos in Ubuntu
Looks like Ubuntu 11.04 has its share of fans as well. We featured Natty Narwhal inspired Android skins few days ago. Now, here is another theme, this time for Nokia smartphones, again inspired by Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Theme is called Natty Ubuntu.

Natty Ubuntu Nokia Theme
Browser wars were supposed to be over years ago. Arrival of Google Chrome changed all that. And with the passage of time, Google Chrome growth story is gaining some serious momentum. Google Chrome might have already breached the magic 20% market share and there are no signs of a slow down.

Bleeding Edge is a simple script for Ubuntu that lets you install a multitude of applications not available in official Ubuntu repositories. Using Bleeding Edge, you don't need to manually add repositories and update PPAs to install a new application, instead you just need to select the applications you want to install and click OK, simple as that. 

Bleeding Edge Ubuntu Script
NeverNote is an open source replacement for Evernote. Evernote is a very popular note taking and archiving application that can run on Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Mac OS X, WebOS, Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile. Linux is not supported unfortunately at the moment and NeverNote can be a perfect open source replacement of Evernote for Linux. 

Nevernote - Evernote Clone Ubuntu PPA
'How to install Google Earth in Ubuntu' is one of the most commonly asked questions by our readers. Most of them tries to search for Google Earth in Ubuntu Software Center and gets the googleearth-package. Obviously, its not what you are looking for. Here is how you install Google Earth in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal the right way.

Install Google Earth in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
WinFF is a nice and simple GUI for FFmpeg which has support for almost all major multimedia file formats that include AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MPEG among others. I have just tried to convert an FLV video file into AVI using WinFF and it worked flawlessly.

Convert Multimedia Files in Linux - WinFF GUI for FFmpeg
We have featured several terminal related hacks before, but this one is different. This one is dedicated to all Star War fans out there.

Star Wars Right in Your Terminal
Yeah that's right, now you can easily turn your Android smartphone into Ubuntu, in terms of looks ie. Ubuntu Unity Skins for Android is brought to you by joesteiger.

The debate is not over yet. Ever since we published the Ubuntu 11.04 review, feedbacks from readers have been pouring in. And I have to concede that a good majority of those responses are really critical of Canonical's Unity strategy. Though I really liked the new Unity approach to desktop, frequent crashes are starting to really frustrate me. I wonder how a first time Linux user is going to feel like after installing the 'latest' 'stable' Ubuntu 11.04. We have already featured a bunch of reactions from users before, here are some more.

Ubuntu 11.04 Reactions from Users
The response we got for our feature on rarely known commercial applications for Linux was simply overwhelming and some of those who enjoyed the article wanted us to do a similar feature on commercial games available for Linux. So here is it, a very neat collection of paid games for Linux worth exploring.

Oil Rush real-time naval strategy game for Linux
Twitter has launched a new add-on for Firefox that lets you search inside Twitter for people and topics using @ and # directly from the address bar.

Twitter Address Bar Search Firefox Add-on
A month has been passed since the eventful release of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. Many loyal Ubuntu users turned hostile with this release and Canonical's new Unity interface is at the receiving end for what it does and what it doesn't. I actually liked the new Unity approach to desktop and I believe that it has got a great future, provided that Canonical is able to rectify the bugs and usability issues in time. This post is for those who would like to use Unity. A quick recap of Ubuntu 11.04 tips and tricks that we published during the month. 

Everything You Need to Know About Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
Source: Ubuntu 11.04 Wallpapers
Chrome Web Store is becoming more and more interesting everyday. The super addictive games from Chrome Web Store that we featured almost a week ago is a telling example. Chaufr Chrome Extension is another great find. This extension lets you navigate and search the web using voice commands. And it works pretty good too.

Chaufr Chrome Extension: Navigate the Web Using Voice Commands