Intel Shows Off MeeGo Tablet UI Experience[Screenshots and Video]

MeeGo is in the news again, this time for all the right reasons. Few days ago, Nokia announced that they are going to partner with Microsoft and use Windows Phone 7 as its primary OS instead of MeeGo. Intel on the other hand is all set to go ahead with MeeGo platform without Nokia. Intel has reiterated its commitment towards MeeGo open source mobile OS project by showing off MeeGo's latest UI experience at Mobile World Congress currently being held at Barcelona, Spain.

MeeGo UI Experience

Quick Demo of MeeGo UI Experience[Video]

MeeGo Tablet UI Experience
MeeGo tablet user experience is quite simple and elegant. The screen is treated as a viewport into an infinitely wide and infinitely tall desktop. You scroll from left to right to view more panels, and up/down to view more information within a panel. This feels more like an extension of workspaces concept which we currently have in Linux desktops. Some interesting screenshots.




The whole new MeeGo OS UI looks very promising though they have some real catching up to do. Android 3.0 UI is a real stunner and other competitors are also not standing still. MeeGo has the potential to become the truly open alternative to Android. Will MeeGo ever achieve that feat? We will have to wait and see. We can definitely expect some kind of result by the end of this year anyways. [Content and screenshot courtesy: AnandTech] 

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