Ubuntu is the 4th Most Popular Linux Distribution on Web Servers, Continues to Grow Faster

Ubuntu has been the most popular Linux distribution on desktop systems for sometime now and according to Google Trends data, Ubuntu probably is the first ever Linux distro to overshoot popularity of Linux itself. And now, Ubuntu is steadily increasing its market share on web servers as well. According to w3techs.com statistics, Ubuntu is now the 4th most popular Linux distro on web servers and growing at a much faster rate than its competitors.

Percentage of Web Servers Using Ubuntu Nearly Doubled
Ubuntu has been the most popular Linux distro for desktops for a long time and now the percentage of web servers running Ubuntu nearly doubled in a single year. Ubuntu runs on 4% of all web servers now. That figure was 2.6% only an year ago. As you can infer from the graph above, Ubuntu is also the fastest growing among other popular Linux distros.
This makes Ubuntu the 4th most popular Linux distribution on web servers, after CentOS, Debian and Red Hat, but it is that one that was steadily increasing over the last year. Some very well known sites that run Ubuntu include Archive.org, Sitepoint.com and Ea.com. W3techs.com's report also shows that Ubuntu is even more popular amongst the top 1.000 sites with a 4.5% usage rate.

Looking at the geographical distribution as indicated by top level domains, the study suggests that Ubuntu has a high market share in most of Europe: Germany (9.5%), France (8%), Sweden (11%) and Hungary (12.5%), whereas it is not as much used in Asia: Japan (0.7%), China (0.8%), India (2.1%). The corresponding figure for USA (3.3%) might not be as reliable, because the .us domain is not necessarily very representative for the US market.

If Ubuntu continues to grow with the kind of pace they are growing right now, Ubuntu is soon going to be the market leader in server market as well. [read full report at w3techs.com]