According to The Washington Post, U.S. service academies are ramping up efforts to groom a new breed of cyberspace warriors to confront increasing threats to the nation's military and civilian computer networks which control almost everything these days. And guess what, they are being trained using Ubuntu OS (possibly in a virtual environment).

US Military Acadamies using Ubuntu for Training
Shutdown command works just fine, but if you want a GUI to schedule system shutdown in Ubuntu, EasyShutdown is the answer. It was a very basic app made to do just that one thing, scheduling shutdowns in Ubuntu. And it is nicely integrated with Unity launcher as well.

easyshutdown-schedule shutdowns in Ubuntu
Ubuntu 13.04 has already been up and running with a number of very cosmetic changes. And we've been covering every detail of the release over the past 6 months. Now it's time for another major Ubuntu release cycle. In typical Canonical fashion, the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 13.10 ie.) will have a quirky little name - Saucy Salamander.

Ubuntu 13.10 Release Schedule, Saucy Salamander