Rumors about the use of Ubuntu inside Google is not new. Some say Google has their own version of Ubuntu called Goobuntu and they have it deployed in large numbers inside Google campuses. All such rumors can finally be laid to rest. Thomas Bushnell, the tech lead of the group that distributes Linux to Google's corporate desktops unveiled Goobuntu at LinuxCon 2012, an annual convention organized in North America each year by the Linux Foundation.

In terms of stability and flexibility, Linux blew away its proprietary counterparts a long time ago. What it sorely lacks is developer interest, especially in the gaming department. But there are signs of a major revival. To the delight of Linux gaming enthusiasts, EA started publishing games in Ubuntu Software Center in May 2012. Valve on the other hand is taking things to the next level by actively developing a Linux port of their popular game Left 4 Dead 2. To celebrate the occasion, we have put together a collection of 20 most exciting games for Linux (not essentially released in 2012 itself and in no particular order). Hope you like it.

top 20 linux games for 2012
Ever since I upgraded to latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, this issue has been bugging me a lot. Every now and then, a notification pops up saying "Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced and internal error" or "System Program Problem Detected" without actually causing any real troubles. I believe this has everything to do with Apport, a software error/crash reporting tool for Ubuntu (which is supposed to be in disabled state for stable releases).

Disable 'System Program Problem Detected' Errors in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Ubuntu App Showdown contest was introduced more than a month ago by Canonical to encourage application development for Ubuntu in a big way. And the initiative is showing results already. More than 150 applications were submitted out of which, 133 has been qualified and made it to the final list. Judges will vote on the apps and will declare the winners very soon. Meanwhile, here's our list of top 15 apps (in no particular order) from Ubuntu App Showdown contest, which we think are the best of the lot. Read on.

Ubuntu App Showdown: Top 15 Apps