2011 has been an eventful year as far as Google's Android OS is concerned. Android is the fastest growing mobile phone platform right now adding some 700,000 new activations every single day. Following that trend is the exploding growth of apps for Android. Nearly 400,000 apps are already available in the Android Market which have been downloaded more than a billion times. Let's try and find out the best Android live wallpapers for 2011 among them.

One of the biggest complaints about both Unity and GNOME Shell desktop environments is the lack of easy customization options. Many third party apps are trying to fill that gap. MyUnity and the just released Ubuntu Tweak 0.6 are two of the finest tweak tools of Ubuntu Unity. But how does they fare against each other? Which one of them looks better integrated with Unity desktop? Let's find out. MyUnity vs Ubuntu Tweak 0.6, a comparison.

MyUnity - Unofficial Ubuntu Unity Configurator

MyUnity vs. Ubuntu Tweak
TSF Shell Pro 3D is an Android launcher still under construction. From the initial looks of it, TSF Shell Pro 3D could just be the most awesome Android Launcher to date. In our earlier review featuring top launchers for Android, we saw simple, lightweight launchers like Launcher Pro to high profile, flamboyant ones like SPB Shell 3D. But from what I have seen so far, nothing comes anywhere near to what TSF Shell 3D launcher has to offer.

UPDATE: TSF Shell 3D Officially Released!!

Aakash is no iPad. It is cheap and specifications are not over the roof. But the kind of interest this little Android tablet has generated all over the world is nothing short of spectacular. With all the hype around, the most important thing as far as the Aakash Tablet manufacturers were concerned was the timely launch of the device. And they have delivered. Just around 2 months after the official announcement, Aakash tablet is now up for sale.
aakash tablet on sale
Stupendous rate of Google Chrome adoption is not news anymore. But this is a defining moment. According to latest StatCounter statistics, 23.6 percent of the browsers tracked by StatCounter were Chrome 15 during the last weeks of November. Microsoft's IE 8 accounted for 23.5 percent of web browser market share in the same period, which means, Google Chrome 15 overtook IE 8 to become world's most popular browser for the very first time.
BURG is basically a boot loader for Linux based on GRUB. Burg has a highly configurable menu system which works in both text and graphic mode. Simply put, BURG can be extensively customized and there are a number of good quality BURG themes available all over the web for free. Lets find out the best among them and also see how to install BURG and the following BURG themes in Ubuntu 11.10.

top burg themes
Not so long ago, Songbird was one of the most loved music player app among Linux users. It all changed when Songbird developers decided to stop supporting Linux and concentrate on Mac and Windows platforms. But some hardcore Songbird users were not ready to give up yet. They forked the project and after more than an year of hard work, they have now released the first preview of Songbird fork named Nightingale music player. 

nightingale music player first preview
Well, they are not really wallpapers in the stricter sense but anyway. While first image deals with an elaborate collection of useful Linux commands for beginners and experts alike, the second image gives you an idea on what Linux file structure looks like.

linux commands and file structure wallpaper
A friend of mine asked this question few days ago which I thought was just basic stuff(both of us were using Android 2.3.3 powered Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone). I eventually came to realize that there is no easy way to do this. Following is what I did to put files on Android homescreen without much hiccup. Read on.

How to Put Files on Android Home Screen
Android Market is all over the news for the stupendous growth it managed to achieve in such a short span of time. Searching for the right applications in Android Market, with over 600,000+ apps already, is a classic needle-in-a-haystack problem. We have already pitched in to help you choose the right set of Siri alternatives and top launchers for Android from that burgeoning list of apps, now let's take a sneak peek into the best music player apps available for Android.

top music players for Android
"One billion is a pretty big number by any measurement. However, when it’s describing the speed at which something is growing, it’s simply amazing," wrote Eric Chu, director of Android Developer Ecosystem, in a recent blog post. According to official Google statistics, 1 billion apps are being downloaded from Android Market every single month and the total tally now stands at a staggering 10 billion application downloads.

android app download statistics
Among other big ticket announcements during recently concluded Ubuntu Developer Summit(UDS) was the news of Ubuntu Unity's foray into Mobile and TV space. This was an exciting development to everyone in the community and user-contributed design mockups have been pouring in ever since. We had featured a bunch of really interesting Unity Mobile mockups before, now it's the turn of Unity TV based design mockups and ideas.

Ubuntu Unity TV Mockups
We had informed you about the imminent arrival of award winning World of Goo puzzle game for Android based smartphones and tablets few weeks back. Now it's here and it is already getting some rave reviews from users and reviewers alike.

Linux Mint, the venerable Ubuntu based Linux distro, is in the news again. Linux Mint 12 codenamed "Lisa" is finally released. It based on GNOME 3.0 and runs GNOME Shell with some ingenious tweaks of its own. Detailed review of Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" OS. Read on.

Linux Mint 12 Lisa Review