6 More Blender Made Movies and Animations You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Like two weeks ago, we featured some of best and most popular blender made short movies in our 8 stunning blender made short films and animations post. Now, let's take the road less traveled. The blender movies we are going to showcase here are those rare ones which you guys probably haven't seen before.

Blender Movies

Big Buck Bunny Outtakes
You don't need any introduction to blender made Big Buck Bunny short film that we featured in our previous article. If you like Big Buck Bunny, you will absolutely love this outtake animation.

Taste Lab
Taste Lab is one among the most hilarious Pixar style blender animation ever.

Wildly imaginative and creative stuff. Nice watch.

The Cup
Everything about this video including modelling, animation and rendering made in Blender.

Particle Garden
Beautiful particle animation video made using Blender. A must watch for aspiring motion graphic artists.

In-Between Ends
Great sound score and lovely animations, must watch.

Hope you guys enjoyed those videos. A special round of applause for the creative human beings that made these videos possible(links are given below).

Also, please bear in mind that, these videos are NOT official Blender Foundation initiated movies. There are only 2 official Blender Foundation produced movies namely Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny which we featured in our previous article, and a third one called Sintel Open Movie will have its debut in another few hours is released.